The Town of Newbury's 2017 strategic plan, called Envision Newbury 2027, put forward the goal of creating a town history. In contrast to surrounding towns, Newbury does not have a published town history.
In the fall of 2018 the Newbury Historical Society proposed a plan to the Selectboard that would help with the goal of creating a town history publication. The Selectboard created a Town History Committee and appointed three members of the Newbury Historical Society, Paula Falkowski, John Lyons, and Bill Weiler and charged them with determining the feasibility of this project. The Selectboard expressed support in principle of the goal of creating a History of the Town of Newbury.

The strategic plan stated that "if a writer cannot be found among the committee members, the Board should hire one and pay for it with tax money and donations. As part of this effort, there would be an opportunity for citizens to contribute by transcribing information from the written record to digital format. This project could be valuable in raising public awareness of historic preservation."

The Town History Committee explored the history publications of other towns and found three that had recently been written and published: Rochester, Canterbury, and Newport. The Committee found those publications professional and thorough. The author of the first two of these histories was contacted and was enthusiastic about helping with the Newbury project.

The Town History Committee presented a financial plan and three-year timetable to the Selectboard on October 19th, 2018. The Board members were supportive, and further consultation with the Town Administrator led to a plan to ask for town support at the Annual Meeting in March 2019.

There will be many opportunities for the community to participate in the project. Starting in the summer of 2019 an Oral History Committee will be formed to interview a number of long time Newbury residents. Other committees could include research, publicity, and fund raising.

It is an exciting time as we look back over two hundred fifty years of our town's growth to find our roots. You can help make history with a gift to support this project. Donations payable to Newbury Historical Society, marked "Book support", may be sent to the Newbury Historical Society at P.O. 176, Newbury NH 03255. You may also wish to contact John Lyons at 938-5398 or to talk about your support options.